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These scientifically matched supplement combinations will help set a solid foundation, enabling you to thrive throughout your day and also address more difficult wellness issues. Nutritional benefits will be enhanced as these products have the ability to increase cellular absorption and provide full spectrum nutrients not found in typical diets.

Digestive Support

Our three-part system includes: Vibrant & Clear Phospholipid™ Wafers, which have been clinically proven to enhance the potential of the cells mitochondria. By enhancing these cell walls, the nutrients DAILYMetrix™ delivers to your cells will be more effectively utilized. Finally, the addition of Plusbiotic™ will supply the support needed to create intestinal balance and address digestive issues to ensure proper nutrient absorption by the cells throughout the body.

Digestive Support

This scientifically matched supplement combination will help set a solid foundation, enabling you to thrive throughout your day and also address more difficult wellness issues. Your food and supplement protocols will be enhanced as these products have the ability to increase cellular absorption and provide full spectrum nutrients not found in typical diets. This system is commonly referred to as ENHANCE YOUR CELLS, FEED YOUR CELLS and FOCUS ON YOUR ISSUE.


V&C Phospholipid™ Wafers Provide Daily
Membrane Lipid Replacement (MLR)

Anti-oxidants can be effective at neutralizing free radicals that damage membranes. However, when damage is already done, traditional antioxidants have no ability to repair that damage. Now, the lipids available in Vibrant & Clear Phospholipid Wafers enhance the damaged phospholipids in the cell membranes with vibrant healthy phospholipids. These lipids enhance the potential of the cells mitochondria which allows the cells to process nutrients more effectively. Vibrant & Clear Phospholipid Wafers are an essential component to any nutritional supplement protocol. Proper nutrient processes are important in supporting a healthy, functioning system.
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DAILYMetrix™ Functional Liquid Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineral and Wholefood Complex

Our powerful formula contains 310 of the Earth’s finest nutritional ingredients including all the Natural Vitamins, 74+ Natural Ionic Minerals, Amino Acids, Phytonutrients, Whole Foods, Digestive Enzymes, Fatty Acids, Herbal-Botanical Elements and More... DAILYMetrix uses nature’s own technology, a super-concentrated Humic and Fulvic Acid powerhouse to deliver directly to the cells a full spectrum, cell-ready nutrition, which helps to support your life, health and wellness. DAILYMetrix provides a full-spectrum, NON-GMO, whole food wellness in liquid form. The independent group, The Physicians Desk Reference advises vitamins are 98% absorbed in liquid form but only 20% in pill form.
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Plusbiotic™ A Daily (3 in 1) Probiotic, Prebiotic and Enzymatic Microbial Cleanse

Probiotics, also known as friendly bacteria may positively affect the balance of intestinal microflora, promote normal levels of bacteria and yeast colonies, promote good digestion and support immune function.

Plusbiotic, is a revolutionary (3 in 1) probiotic formula which contains probiotic, prebiotic and enzymes to control harmful microbes such as yeast that can be taken every day. This type of formula is more commonly referred to as Synbiotics. Prebiotics stimulate the growth and activity of probiotics. Plusbiotic uses spore germination technology, a revolutionary new process that delivers probiotic spores rather than living bacteria. Probiotic spores are dormant life forms that protect the bacteria from acidic conditions as well as extreme heat and cold. Spore germination technology is an extremely dependable means for delivering probiotics in less than ideal conditions.

Plusbiotic’s popular formula assists in supporting a healthy balance of intestinal flora where a yeast or fungal overgrowth is present. The addition of systemic enzymes helps to improve elimination of toxins that can cause "die-off" symptoms. This makes Plusbiotic a more “gentle” formula than other similar products on the market. Just about everybody can benefit from Plusbiotic. It is an essential part of addressing digestive issues.
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U.S.A. Orders Only

These packages are specified as a 3 product, 3 month commitment. This nutritional supplementation approach addresses your specific health issues and has been proven an effective method with benefits that reach beyond the desired result.

You may cancel after the 3rd shipment however the vast majority of our customers, after achieving their desired health goals continue on the program and consider it a healthy life style change.

You can sign up below or call your health professional and they can sign you up.


Synergistic Effects: Digestive Health

Comprehensive Supplement System

While Plusbiotic is a superior product for managing digestive issues, you will receive maximized benefits by setting a cellular foundation for nutrient transport with Vibrant & Clear Phospholipids along with Humic, Fulvic and other nutrients found in DAILYMetrix.

There are additional mechanisms found in Vibrant & Clear Phospholipids and DAILYMetrix that support healthy digestive systems. People suffering from any digestive problem are suffering from a lack of proper nutrient absorption.

The Vibrant & Clear Phospholipid Wafers are a unique combination that allows the healthy phospholipids to stay intact during transport through the body; probiotics create a stable environment in the gut that allow the healthy lipids to travel through and get absorbed in the digestive tract without being degraded, growth media enhances the colonization of probiotics and antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body before they can attack and degrade the healthy lipids.

DailyMetrix Humic and Fulvic provide all the Vitamins and Minerals the body needs, to help maintain the fluid and electrolyte mineral balance and reduce the need to absorb vitamins and minerals—and all the toxins that comes with them—from fecal material. Less water will also be lost from fecal material because water is necessary for the colon to absorb the vitamins and minerals which helps prevent compaction or impaction. Also, vitamins and minerals are essential in the production of digestive enzymes.

The DAILYMetrix formulas Multi-Fiber Complex include 4 sources of fiber: Psyllium Husk and Beta Glucan to help with the healthy formation of feces to pass acidic wastes through the colon. Digestion Resistant Maltodextrin, Apple Pectin, a soluble fiber that has been shown to increase the excretion of lipids, cholesterol and bile acids, and reduce serum cholesterol levels, Cinnamon Bark, a carminative to reduce formation of gas, Fenugreek seed which has shown to benefit in protecting intestinal tissues. Rose Hips and Chicory Root to gently stimulate bowel movement.

The DAILYMetrix formula also contains a ScFOS Prebiotic Blend digestive complex to help nourish intestinal flora and promote a healthy digestive tract. The DAILYMetrix formula includes 9 Natural Plant Digestive Enzymes to help digest food properly including Bromelain, Amylase (starch liquefying & digesting), Protease (protein solubilizing), Lipase (fat splitting), Cellulase (digestion of cellulose material), Lactase (milk and dairy digesting).

The Synergistic Effects of the Digestive Health Comprehensive Supplement System offer the individual a three product, overall health and well-being package with focus on a variety of digestive and nutrient uptake issues.

More About How These Products Work Together

We take supplements for nutritional support and antioxidant protection but no supplement can protect all of our cells from becoming damaged. Damaged cells can lead to feeling tired at certain times of the day and have an adverse effect on the ability of the body to use nutrients effectively. This can also lead to a multitude of disease states. Vibrant & Clear Phospholipid Wafers with the NT Factor® nutrient compound is scientifically proven to enhance the potential of the cells mitochondria.

One key study showed the biological cellular health of 70-year-old people were returned to that of individuals 35 years of age. One of the world’s leading experts in cellular research considered this to be one of the most important medical breakthroughs of the 21st century and defined this as “Membrane Replacement Therapy”. Cellular rejuvenation by enhancing the cells mitochondria improves normal nutrient transport, so it is very important to offer cells the vital nutrients necessary to thrive. This is necessary for overall health and vitality. By taking DAILYMetrix, which is superior to any other multi-vitamin, mineral nutritional supplement or health system on the market, you will be able to feed your cells the vital nutrients they need to thrive and support almost all bodily functions.

Plusbiotic then will directly address digestive issues. With Advanced Microflora Delivery, Plusbiotic offers the following benefits: Beneficial Microflora Colonization, Healthy Fungal Levels, Normal Digestive Permeability, Intestinal/Digestive Cleansing, Optimal Nutrient Absorption, Healthy Immune Function and Stabilized Bowel Function. Everybody can benefit from Plusbiotic. It is an essential part of addressing digestive issues.

Each of these three products has positive effects on digestive health issues. Taken together they could have a profound effect on the cellular level and offer the body benefits far beyond your intended goals. Including: Enhanced Mitochondrial Function, More Natural Energy, Better Nutrient Transport, Increase Memory and Mental Alertness, Healthy pH Levels, Metabolic & Blood Oxygenation Support, Organ Cleanse & Detoxification, Musculoskeletal & Joint Support, Digestive System & Colon Support, Heart, Cardiovascular & Lymphatic Support and more.

Easy to Follow Protocol:

DAILYMetrix: 1 ounce of pleasant tasting liquid per day taken before meals.
Vibrant & Clear Phospholipid Wafers: 2 delicious “Berry Flavored” chewable wafers taken anytime during the day, either together or separately. 
Plusbiotic: 1 capsule, three times per day taken before meals.

It’s that simple. It only takes 5 minutes per day! 

IMPORTANT PROGRAM "PROTOCOL" INFORMATION: Taking the supplements before meals (1 Minute to 1 Hour Before) will ensure the maximum effectiveness for each formulation and will assist with your protocol compliance. Taking with food is also fine if you experience stomach upset. Establishing a disciplined routine will prevent you from falling behind on your monthly supplies. This is especially important when you are on one of our Auto-ship packages.

Some people feel results in the first few weeks depending on their condition(s). For best results consider a minimal three-month commitment. 
For optimal results and lasting effects consider a longer duration. Most of our customers are lifetime members.
They not only receive wonderful products but world-class customer service.

This is a scientific, comprehensive approach to an optimal functioning digestive system. Taken together, these three supplements are scientifically combined to offer the best nutrients to address your current issues and for a healthy and vibrant aging process.

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